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Charles Dickens

Directed by: Jean Cox

6th - 13th December, 1986

Adapted, by the club, from Charles Dicken's short story 'A Christmas Carol'.

Bob Cratchit
Clerk to Ebenezer Scrooge
Richard Evans
Ebenezer Scrooge
A grasping, covetous old man and money lender
Ron Thompson
The Spirit of Christmas Past
A phantom showing things past
Doris Cocking
The Spirit of Christmas Present
A Spirit of a kindly nature
Adam Hare
The Spirit of Christmas
An Apparition showing yet to be shadows of things to be
David Keough
Jacob Marley
A Spectre of Scrooge's former partner
Jo Crossland
Mrs Cratchit
Wife to Bob
Barbara Ritchie
Martha Cratchit
Elder daughter to Bob
Next daughter
Joanna Bublik
Peter Cratchit
Son to Bob
Mark Barnes
EllaSally Wade
Daughters to the Cratchits
Laura Harvey
BethSarah Gilbody
Tim Cratchit (Tiny Tim)
A cripple and youngest son to Bob
Andrew Hardman
Scrooge's nephew
William Watkins
Fred's WifeLiz Reyner
A kind hearted and jovial merchant who once employed Scrooge
Adam Hare
Mrs Fezziwig
His wife
Joyce Pomfret
Hilda Knight
Mr. Hamshaft
John Rowlands
A debtor's wife
Doris Cocking
The debtor
John Rowlands
Their daughter
Laura Harvey
Their daughter
Liz Reyner
A receiver of stolen goods
Jo Crossland
Mrs. Dilber
Old hag in league with Joe
Joyce Pomfret
Mrs. Wilber
Old hag in league with Joe
Doris Cocking
Sister to Scrooge
Samantha Beswick
Former sweetheart to Scrooge
Joanna Bublik
Ebenezer as a boyAndrew Hardman
Ebenezer as a young manDavid Keough
Dick Wilkins
Fellow apprentice with young Scrooge
Derek Frith
First GentlemanAdam Hare
Second Gentleman
Third GentlemanJohn Rowlands
First UrchinPam Glass
Second UrchinBerniece Woodhouse
Third UrchinHayley Knight
Fourth UrchinJennifer Hilton
Stage ManagerBarbara Serres
Assistant Stage ManagerBarbara Hayward
Set ConstructionChris Woodhouse
Barbara Hayward
Jo Crossland
Tony Williams
Mary Burns
LightingCyril Hines
Andrew Pomfret
Hayley Pope
Geoffrey Frost
SoundCyril Hines
Nicky Sterry
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Joyce Stott
Shelagh Hewitt
Babs Frith
Brenda Jones
Anne Hines
Liz Reyner
HairdresserSue Mooney
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Janice Carter
ChoreographyBabs Frith
Joyce Pomfret
Laura Harvey
Samantha Beswick
Joanna Bublik
Scenic ArtistsMary Burns
Pat Hohne
Beverley Barnshaw
Make-upEdna Garner
ContinuityLiz Crossland
Production AssistantJoyce Sykes