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Hobson's Choice


Harold Brighouse

28 Feb, 1-6 Mar 2004

Director: Mary Scott

Set in Salford in the 1880s, Hobson's Choice has bee a favourite with theatregoers and cinema buffs for over half a century, it's homespun humour adding to the perennial enjoyment of seeing the under-dog make good.
Alice Hobson Rhiannon Lewis
Vickey Hobson Emma Cartledge
Maggie Hobson Carmel Bird
Henry Horatio Hobson Bill Platt
Albert Prosser Ryan Ellershaw
Mrs Hepworth Margaret Williams
Tubby Wadlow Paul Lewis
William Mossop Geoff Bird
Jim Heeler Tom Thistleton
Ada Figgins Emma Baker
Fred Beenstock Jonathan Higgs
Dr MacFarlane John Smeathers
Stage Manager Debbie Goodman
Wardrobe Joan Heineckey
Properties Barbara Hopkinson
Clare Lewis
Valerie Swithenbank
Hair Clare Lewis
Continuity Brenda Stringer
Lighting Val Donlan
Sound Cyril Hines
Scenic Artists Shirley Murray
Gillian Matthews
Set Design Cyril Hines
Set Construction The Workshop Team
Production Assistant Dodie Jones
Programme Cover Design Derek Frith
We are indebted to
Bob and Margueritte Hill of Gee Cross, Hyde
for the loan of the clogs