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Eric Chappell

Directed by: Ryan Ellershaw

5th, 7th -12th Jun 2004

Alec Firth is having an affair with his assistant Liz and has organised his domestic life so that they can go to Spain without making his wife Maggie suspicious. What could go wrong? Plenty as the rest of the family arrive on the doorstep in rapid succession; Phoebe, Alec's mother, who has discharged herself from the old people's home; Alec's son Jamie who has a broken ankle, and finally his daughter Mandy who is heavily pregnant and refuses to marry the father.

Alex Firth John Still
Liz Lorraine Cox
Maggie Barbara Ritchie
Phoebe Margaret Williams
Jamie Alex Hall
Mandy Emma Cartledge
Stage Manager Jonathan Higgs
Continuity Elizabeth Vernon
Production Assistant Dodie Jones
Set Construction Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Gerrard Kathrens
Gillian Matthews
Rowland Matthews
Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Properties Valerie Swithenbank
Joyce Sykes
Hilda Knight
Wardrobe Joan Heinekey
Programme Cover Design Derek Frith