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Hay Fever


Noel Coward

Directed by: Jean Cox

26th Feb, 28th Feb - 5th Mar 2005

Set in an English country house the comedy centers on the Bliss family. Judith is a retired actress itching to return to the stage, her husband David is a novelist, their son Simon an artist, and daughter Sorel. Unbeknown each family member has invited a guest for the weekend...

Sorel Bliss Rhiannon Lewis
Simon Bliss Jonathan Higgs
Clara Barbara Ritchie
Judith Bliss Barbara Bostock
David Bliss Malcolm Cooper
Sandy Tyrell Gary Woodhall
Myra Arundel Melanie Davey
Richard Greatham Richard Ellis
Jackie Coryton Emma Cartledge
Stage Manager Doreen Brady
Wardrobe Joan Heineckey
Properties Babs Frith
Barbara Hopkinson
Continuity Brenda Stringer
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Set Design Cyril Hines
Set Construction Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Val Doonlan
Derek Frith
Cyril Hines
Victor Stansfield
Roland Matthews
Gillain Matthews
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Production Assistants Babs Frith
Barbara Hopkinson
Programme Cover Derek Frith