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Habeas Corpus


Alan Bennett

15th, 18th -22nd Jan 2000
Director: Jean Cox
In this satirical merry-go-round we meet the Wicksteed family and its friends and acquaintances, for whom the determination to put sex and the satisfactions of the body (or corpus) before everything else is the ruling passion of their lives. The permissive society is taken to task in a farcical comedy in which the characters, sterotypes as their names suggest, move - and indeed dance - in and out through a maze of mistaken identities and sexual encounters. As Wicksteed says, at the close, "he whose lust lasts, lasts longest."
Dr. Arthur Wicksteed John Still
Muriel Wicksteed Barbara Ritchie
Mrs. Swab Sue Mooney
Constance Wicksteed Chris Hall
Felicity Rumpers Rhiannon Lewis
Lady Rumpers Margaret Williams
Mr. Purdue Ian Tyler
Canon Throbbing Duncan Walker
Mr. Shanks Chris Jorgensson
Dennis Wicksteed Chris Schilling
Sir Percy Shorter Adam Hare
Stage Manager Doreen Brady
Wardrobe Jayne Taylor
Joan Heinekey
Edwige Marsland
Properties Joyce Sykes
Hilda Knight
Continuity Ruth Taylor
Lighting Roger Brady
Sound Val Donlan
Staging Norman Whitelam
and the workshop team
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Programme Cover Derek Frith