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Clemence Dane

13th - 17th February 1973
Director: Molly Locke
The scene throughout the entire play is the living-room of a farm on Lundy Island, in the second decade of last century.
Penny HoltRachel Rist
Jordan MorrisPeter Womby
Judith - His WifePat Thomas
Prosper - His Half BrotherLaurie Kirwin
A Nameless ManNorman Whitelam
A ClergymanJohn Mills
Stage ManagerHarry Outhwaite
Assistant Stage ManagersCec Wildman
Cyril Hines
Scenic ArtistJohn Rowlands
LightingMary Gregory
Lucy Butler
SoundRon Proctor
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
PropertiesMaureen Ogley
ContinuityMaureen Kirk
House ManagersStan Mannion
Arthur Dyer