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Good Grief


Keith Waterhouse

Directed by: Jennie Davey

19th - 23rd September, 2017

A sensitive, wryly humorous study of a middle-aged widow who finds the courage to break with the past. June keeps a diary in the form of private conversations with her late husband Sam, a national newspaper editor. Her stepdaughter, Pauline, determines to keep an eye on June. Likewise, Eric Grant, an ex-colleague of Sam's. But June strikes out on her own and befriends Duggie (The Suit), who, like June, is lonely. June, however, discovers that Pauline, Eric and Duggie each have their own hidden agenda.

June PepperChristine Blease
PaulineAzeema Imran
The SuitCharlie Cook
Eric GrantEwan Henderson
Jackie Evans
Stage ManagerJackie Evans
PromptLiz Cook
PropsCharlie Cook
Sound and LightingMartin Davey
Chris Toms
Set DesignsNathanial Hall
Set BuildingSteve Hall
Set DecorationNathanial Hall and cast
WardrobeCast and Chris Hall