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The Full Treatment


Michael Brett

Directed by: Edna Garner

1st - 4th Nov 1967

The discovery of a marriage which has lasted for eighty years prompts a newspaper to publicize the elderly couple and shower them with gifts. Yet Henry and Sarah turn out not to be the sweet old things of tradition. They cause a great deal of trouble and embarrassment to the staff of the newspaper, especially to one somewhat unsuccessful reporter, whose wife of four hours leaves him on their account.

George Maxwell Colin Walker
Brenda Maxwell Shirley Quick
Susan, a hotel maid Freda Hinson
Stella Haley Vickie Bowen
Joan Banstead Stephanie Hamilton
Philip Scott Bob McDowell
Frederick Elton Peter Womby
Henry Mellows Norman Whitelam
Sarah Mellows Joyce Pomfret
Elizabeth Wellings Emma Hare
Geoffrey Wallcot-Brown Stephen Jones
Stage Manager Harry Outhwaite
Assistant Stage Manager Harry Outhwaite
Stage Staff Pamela Robinson
Paul Butler
Cyril Hines
John Williamson
Costumes Edna Peel
Properties Barbara Jay
Edith King
Lighting Ed Cheadle
Malcolm Gregory
Make-Up Fred Makin
House Managers Eric Peel
Cliff Brown
Ticket Secretary Anne Hines
Refreshments by Ladies of the Society