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Farewell, Farewell Eugene


John Vari

Directed by: Teddie Peel

31st March - 3rd April 1971

Two reclusive sisters send greeting cards to the outside world through their cousin, for which they make money that goes into a fund to visit their brother in Africa. Various complications, including a runaway marriage, an abandoned baby's appearance on a doorstep, and a revealing letter follow.
Minerva GoodyJoyce Pomfret
Florence PovisJudy Parrack
Queenie BosworthSusan Gregory
Willie BosworthHoeard Marsh
Peony PovisMaureen Barton
Mick DelaneyJohn Rowlands
Mrs BosworthMarjorie Mayhew
Mr BosworthRay Thomas
Mr FlackBabs Jay
Stage MaagerCecil Wildman
Assistant Stage ManagersMalcom Hill
Harry Outhwaite
Dave Williams
LightingJohn Williamson
SoundCyril Hines
propertiesLucy Butler
Mary Gregory
Mavis Rowlands
Wardobe MistressJoyce Pomfret
ContinuityNancy Womby