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Drowning On Dry Land


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by: Tom Thistleton

6th, 8th - 13th Oct 2007

The hero, Charlie Conrad, is a loser who fails in everything he attempts, from athletic events to quiz shows. The result is that the public has warmed to his amiable incompetence and he has become a big and prosperous star. But when a young female entertainer arrives to do her clown act at a children’s birthday party, Charlie falls disastrously for her charms and is humiliatingly disgraced, leaving his career in ruins.

Charlie Conrad Gary Woodhall
Linzi Ellison Lindsey Barker
Jason Ratcliffe Charlie Cook
Hugo de Préscourt QC Paul Reid
Gale Gilchrist Rani Jackson
Marsha Bates Emma Cartledge
Simon Diggs Duncan Walker
Children Abigail Hall
Molly O'Donoghue
Stage Manager Doreeen Bardy
Continuity Liz Cook
Set Construction Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Geoff Sylvester
Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Properties Joyce Sykes
Hilda Knight
Wardrobe Joan Heinekey
Chris Hall
Title Page Design Derek Frith
Production Assistant Dodie Jones