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Double Trouble


Michael Brett

Directed by: Cliff Brown

8th - 10th Oct 1964

The play concerns the private life of a young doctor in London, who has discovered a more lucrative occupation as an artist.
Geoffrey Cooper Ray Thomas
Judy Bright Mary Potts
Martin Cooper Joe Crossland
Prudence Cooper Meg Stenson
Sarah Laycock Bobbie Eastwood
Jane Wotton Mary Gregory
Henry Laycock Len Yates
Sheila Dunn Judy Parrock
Kenneth Halford Neil Bradford
Mrs Sawyer Stella Winterbottom
Stage Manager Brian Stuchbury
ASM Cyril Hines
Stage Assistants Cyril Hines
Ronald Stenson
Eric Summerside
John Blakeway
Eric Quarmby
Arthur Warburton
David Griffiths
Workshop Manager John Williamson
Sound Anne Hines
Lighting Eric Quarmby
Malcom Fereday
Properties & Wardrobe Anne Hines
Lucy Butler
Publicity and House Manager Ronald Stenson
Refreshments Ladies of the Society