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Double Identity


Roscoe Chalk

Directed by: Jennie Davey

20th - 24th September, 2016

Charles Taylor calls the police to inform them that his wife has gone missing. In fact he and his lover, their maid Sarah Parker, have killed her. Or have they?... The characters are not all as they appear at the outset and this thriller will keep audiences guessing until the last few minutes.

Charles TaylorJon Beagles
Marilyn TaylorChris Hall
Sarah Parker / SecretaryLaura Pearson
Sgt Matthew GreenMark Lees
Elizabeth Johnson (neighbour)Mary Ellis
Dr Michael CrippinDavid Carney
Sgt Jane Jackson C.I.DAzeema Yasmin
Stage designNathaniel Hall
Set buildingSteve Hall
Set paintingChris Hall
Jennie Davey
Mary Ellis
Dave Carney
CostumesChris Hall
Stage ManagerLiz Bradbury
SoundMartin Davey
LightingLuke Moulsher
HISTORICAL NOTE: Roscoe Chalk was actually written by member Charlie Cook under his professional psuedonym.