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A Doll's House


Henrik Ibsen

25th - 28th Jan 1978
Director: Gerda Redlich
Na´vely, Nora has secretly borrowed money for her husband by forging her father's signature. Krogstad, her creditor, has discovered her fraud and threatens to expose her in order to ruin Torvald. When Torvald finally finds out, Nora is appalled that he would protect his own reputation rather than support her.
Torvald Helmer
a Barrister
Norman Whitelam
his Wife
Freda Hinson
Dr Rank Ron Thompson
Kristen Linde Pat Thomas
Nils Krogstad
a solicitor
Joe Crossland
Helmer's son
Nicholas Tivey
Helmer's daughter
Louise Goddard
Baby Zoe Anne Smith
their nanny
Doris Cocking
the maid
Beryl Jolley
Children heard singing played by members of the Junior Section
Stage Manager David Gregson
Choreography Caroline Campbell
Pianist Arthur Dyer
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Eileen Yarwood
Make Up Teddie Peel
Properties David Green
Missie Pring
Continuity Liz Crossland
Production Assistant Joyce Pomfret
Lighting Chris Bottomley
Sound Eric Peel
Designer David Gregson
Set Construction Theatre Workshop Team