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Doctor In The House


Ted Willis, from the book by Richard Gordon

Directed by: Eric Peel

19th - 22nd Februrary 1964

Adapted from the novel by Richard Gordon about the off duty lives of a group of medical students, this play weaves their happy triumphs and brave failures, love affairs and parties into a many colored pattern. Several individuals confined under the same roof employ a blithe exterior to hide their hopes and fears, ineffectually concealing an underlying earnestness of purpose.
Tony Grimsdyke Gordon Lord
Simon Sparrow Ray Thomas
John Evans Neil Bradford
Vera Shirley Quick
Bromley Len Yates
Sir Lancelot Spratt Joe Crossland
Nurse WInslow (Riggie) Emma Hare
The Matron Pearl Nash
Janet Mary Gregory
House Manager John Winterbottom
Stage Manager Brian Stuchbury
ASM John Williamson
Stage Assistants Arthur Warburton
Ronald Stenson
Sound Cyril Hines
Lighting Tony Boyes
Malcom Fereday
Properties Margaret Warburton
Meg Stenson
Wardrobe Mary Costello
Business Manager Ian Millington
House Manager Ron Proctor