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Do We Ever See Grace?


Noel Greig

Directed by: Nathaniel Hall

12th - 16th April, 2016

Grace is a bag lady. Scorned by the world around, she defiantly stands out against a society that shuns people who are somehow different. A darkly comic circus show, 'Do We Ever See Grace?' poses the question: have we simply forgotten how to care? This is no grim piece of social realism but an urgent and unflinching play of anger and ideas.

Young Grace Scarlett Dean
Old Grace Chris Hall
Drake Mike Evans
Woman 4
Amelia Williams
Carrot Clown
Police Clown
Joel Golding
Bureaucrat Clown
Woman 3
Sophie Monk
Social Worker Clown
Woman 2
Rachel Tibbitts
Salvation Army Clown
Christine Blease
Police Clown
Sean Lavelle
Counsellor Clown Liz Bradbury
Salvation Army Clown Nicole Harper
Woman 1 Rebekah Higginbotham
Crowd Control
Mike Whelan
Luke Whelan
The Mime Artist Nafisa Asgill
Crowd Clown Emily Fairlie
The Musical Clown Luke Moulsher
Various other Homeless Clowns, Rejected Clowns, Hopelessly Romantic Clowns, Interrogator Clowns, Authority Clowns, and I'll-Buy-Anything-For-The-Right-Price consumer clowns all played by the ensemble.
Stage ManagerJennie Davey
ASMLiz Bradbury
Christine Cunliffe
ComposerNathaniel Hall
Additional Music ArrangementsLuke Moulsher
Set DesignNathanial Hall
Set ConstructionSteve Hall
Scenic Painting/Prop MakingOlivia Carter
Charlie Gee
WardrobeChris Hall
and Heald Green Theatre Company
Make UpGaelle Roques
ChaperoneJackie Evans
LightingChris Toms
SoundMartin Davey