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Dick Whittington


Robert Rutherford and Frank Wilcock

Directed by: Joyce Pomfret

7th - 11th Dec 1971

The classic pantomime Dick Whittington

King RatBabs Jay
Fairy QueenJane Scott
Alderman FitzwarrenJohn Mills
Alice - His DaughterFreda Hinson
Idle JackNorman Whitelam
Tommy The CatJean Hill
Dick WhittingtonMaisie Pring
Martha - The CookJoe Crossland
Naughty MarriettaRachel Rist
CaptainCliff Brown
MateJohn Rowlands
Bo'sunLaurie Kirwin
EmperorRon Proctor
BodyguardMichael Butler
Grand VizierArthur Dyer
Childrens Chorus
Caroline Pring, Christine Cox, Lynne Weatherby, Michelle Harding, Christine Bell, Debbie King, Hayley Parrack, Kim Parrack, John Womby, Christopher Womby.
Susan Gregory, Janet Hines, Marjorie Blake, Hilary Pomfret, Francesca Mitchell, Jill Nash.
Janet Pring, Jane Cottis, Meg Stenson, Christopher Jay, Michael Pomfret, Michael Butler, John Rowlands, Laurie Kirwin, Arthur Dyer, Ron Proctor, Ray Thomas, Paul Mitchell, Colin Yates.
Stage ManagerCecil Wildman
Asst. Stage ManagersHarry Outhwaite
Malcolm Hill
SoundCyril Hines
LightingJohn Williamson
WardrobePeggy Butler
ContinuityLucy Butler
PropertiesMaureen Ogley
Alma Gregory
Mavis Rowlands
Musical DirectorPat Nash
PercussionRod Holt
Dances arranged by Joyce Pomfret and Carol Pearce