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Deep Blue Sea


Terence Rattigan

Directed by: Mollie Locke

7th - 10th March 1979

Taking place over the course of one day, the play begins with the discovery of Hester Collyer in her flat by her neighbours, after Hester has failed in an attempt to commit suicide by gassing herself. In flashback, some time before, Hester left her husband, Sir William Collyer, a respectable High Court judge, for a semi-alcoholic former RAF pilot, Freddie Page. Their relationship was physical and passionate, but his ardour eventually cooled, leaving her emotionally stranded and desperate. Initially unemployed, Freddie eventually takes a post in South America. The aftershocks of her attempted suicide unravel even the remnants of this relationship.

Hester Collyer Pat Thomas
Mrs Elton Joyce Pomfret
Phillip Welch Peter Styles
Ann Welch, his wife Sue Mooney
Mr Miller Ron Thompson
William Collyer Adam Hare
Freddie Page Derrick Jones
Jackie Jackson John Rowlands
Stage Manager Joe Crossland
Make Up Edna Garner
Lighting Mary Gregory
Chris Bottomley
Sound Jonathan Stott
Properties Marjorie Cox
Emma Hare
Norma Moores
Costume Joyce Pomfret
Make-Up Edna Garner
Set Painting Pat Hohne
Set Construction Stan Brown
and The Workshop Team
Continuity Liz Crossland
Production Assistant Sarah Mawhinney