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Daughter Of The Left Hand


Norman Holland

Directed by: Norman Whitelam

May? 1975

In the severe moral climate still prevalent in 1903, a man in Rex Hallma's position, who deliberatley challenges tthe current social standards must be very courageous - or very foolhardy.

Maggie WaltersJoyce Pomfret
Rev Randall CooperRay Thomas
Harriet HallamPat Thomas
Lesley HallamSusan Devlin
Mildred DrewSusan Thompson
Vivian hallamHarry Richards
Rex HallamRobert Tunnicliffe
LillahJill Nash
NocolaMay Sea
Vashti Kemp-ColletMarjorie Mayhew
Stage ManagerDavid Gregson
Set DesignEdna Garner
Set ConstructionHarry Outhwaite
Stan Brown
Cyril Hines
LightingRod Holt
Mary Gregory
SoundRon Proctor
PropertiesDavid Green
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
assisted by Beryl Jolley
Brenda Jones
Janet Gregson
Make UpNicole Worrall
ContinuityMaisie Pring
Production ManagerDon Williams