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The Curious Savage


John Patrick

Directed by: John Garner

October? 1979

Ethel P. Savage, an elderly woman whose husband recently died and left her approximately ten million dollars. Contrasting the kindness and loyalty of psychiatric patients with the avarice and vanity of "respectable" public figures, it calls into question conventional definitions of sanity while lampooning celebrity culture.

Florence Sue Smith
Hannibal David Green
Fairy MayNorma Moores
Jeffrey Mike Russell
Mrs PaddyEffie Runciman
Miss WillieSue Mooney
TitusArthur Dyer
Samuel Don Williams
Lily Belle Glenda Etchells
Dr EmmettRon Thompson
Mrs Savage Kathy Russell
Stage Manager Jonathan Stott
Set ConstructionStan Brown
Derek Frith
David Gregson
Jonathan Stott
LightingRod Holt
Sound Susie Williams
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Lucy Butler
Liz Crossland
Mavis Rowlands
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Pat Thomas
Make Up Edna Garner
ContinuityPat Thomas
Production AssistantArthur Dyer
DesignerDavid Gregson