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Charlie Cook

Directed by: Tom Thistleton

3rd - 8th December 2013

The classic story of Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the wicked ugly sisters.


Prince Charming Mike Cooke
Dandini Ellie Brookes
Buttons Like Moulsher
Cinderella Rhiannon Lewis
Baron Hardup Norman King
Baroness Hardup Clare Lewis
Cameronia Charlie Cook
Cleggovia Paul Lewis
Foxy Scarlet Dean
Huntsman 1 Sean Lavelle
Joel Golding
Huntsman 2 Aliesha Lead-Walker
Sam Stewart
Fairy Godmother Val Watkinson
Herald Martin Davey
Ria Delaney
Aint Anna Pullar
Sanaa Khan
Debt Jordan Phillips
Brandon Rodgers
Footman Martin Davey
Uncle Dougie,Musical Director Doug McDonald
Villagers, Ball Guests
Amelia Williams, Sophie Monk, Abby Hewitt, Chloe Lewis, Jenny Wright, Elsa Vaccari, Emily Fairlee, Hannah Nulroney
Stage Manager Jennie Davey
Continuity Liz Cook
Set Design Nathaniel Hall
Set Construction Nathaniel Hall
Steve Hall
Scenic Painting Shirley Murray
Lighting Christopher Toms
Sound Cat
Costume Chris Hall
Poster Design Nic Stacey
Make Up Gaelle Roques