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Roland Peake

Directed by: Judie Parrack

10th - 19th December 1970

Classic Pantomime, set in the fair Dukedom of Disturbia.
Prince CharmingBabs Jay
DandiniMaureen Barton
ButtonsRod Holt
CinderellaFreda Hinson
Fairy GodmotherMay Seal
InnkeeperJohn Rowlands
BaronJohn Mills
BaronessMeg Stenson
RhododendronBrian Jefferson
GeraniumRon Proctor
AffleckTony Browne
BrownArthur Dyer
FlunkyJohn Rowlands
Debbie Culpan, Jill Nash, Rachel Rist
Debbie Culpan, Alma Gregory, Janet Hines, Rachel Rist
Monica Davies, Susan Gregory, Doreen Hankinson, Lynda Hankinson, Hilary Pomfret, Maisie Pring, Helen Scott, Gayle Shepherd
Stage ManagerCyril Hines
Assistant Stage ManagersMalcolm Hill
Cecil Wildman
Harry Outhwaite
David Williams
LightingJohn Williamson
Scenic ArtistsPat Hohne
John Williamson
PropertiesMaureen Ogley
Jean Hill
Janet Robinson
Wardrobe MistressJoyce Pomfret
Wardrobe AssistantsAnne Hines
Hilda Outhwaite
and members of the cast
Continuity Lucy Butler
Make-upEdna Garner
At the pianoReg Sykes
ChoreographerJean Hill
On the drumsMalcolm Gregory