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Children Of The Wolf


John Peacock

Directed by: Jean Cox

1st, 4th - 8th February 1992

Robin and Linda are 21-year-old twins who were given up for adoption shortly after birth. Having traced their biological mother, Helena, they lure her to an abandoned house on the pretext that she will be meeting Michael, her former lover.

Linda Katherine Robinson
Robin Geoff Bird
Helena Vincent Freda Hinson
Michel Planter John Rowlands
Voices of Children
First Girl Lucy Dowling
Boy David Jones
Second Girl Lisa Marie Albes
Stage Manager and Continuity Pam Leonard
Set Construction Gordon Butler
Cyril Hines
John Rowlands
Lighting Cyril Hines
Heather Burgess
Sound Gordon Butler
Hayley Knight
Properties Joyce Sykes
Jane de Vince
Art and Design Les Hinson
Patricia Hohne
Make Up Edna Garner
Photography Mike Savage
Programme Cover Derek Frith