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Chase Me Comrade


Ray Cooney

Directed by Norman Whitelam

31st March - 1st April 1987

A splendidly funny comedy dealing with the defection of a Russian male ballet dancer. He is befriended by a young English ballerina who brings him to the country house of a girlfriend of hers, Nancy Rimmington. Nancyís father is a big noise at the Admiralty, so the antics that she, her boyfriend and the ballerina have to go through to keep the Russianís presence unknown from her father and a visiting Government official supply a series of hysterically funny scenes. Itís a riot from beginning to end.

Nancy RimmingtonBarbara Serres
Commander RimmingtonRon Thompson
HoskinsAdam Hare
Alicia CourtneyLaura Harvey
PetrovyanDavid Wilkinson
Gerry BussBill Platt
Mr. LaverKeith Burrows
Constable PulfordGeoff Reyner
Janet RimmingtonFreda Hinson
Bobby HargreavesDerrick Jones
Stage ManagerJohn Rowlands
Set ConstructionCyril Hines
Mary Burns
John Rowlands
Tony Williams
Barbara Hayward
Technical DirectorCyril Hines
LightingMary Gregory
Gordon Butler
SoundBarbara Hopkinson
Derek Frith
WardrobeSheila Hewitt
Joyce Pomfret
PropertiesJanice Carter
Mavis Rowlands
Marjorie Cox
ContinuityLiz Crossland
Set DesignMary Burns
Programme DesignDerek Frith
Flower ArrangementBrenda Jones
Production AssistantJoyce Sykes