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The Cemetery Club


Ivan Menchell

Directed by: Babs Frith

30th Jan, 2nd - 6th Feb 1999

Ida, Doris and Lucille are part of a club - the cemetery club. Every month they meet at Ida's house in New York for tea, then trundle off to the cemetery to remember the good times and gossip with their deceased husbands. Sam, a butcher, meets the widows at the cemetery whilst visiting his late wife and changes their lives forever.

Ida Barbara Bostock
Lucille Dianne Jenkins
Doris Meg Stenson
Sam Norman Whitelam
Mildred Joyce Kirkham
Stage Manager Les Hinson
Properties Marjorie Cox
Hilda Knight
Val Donlan
Fiona Harris
Continuity Barbara Ritchie
Lighting Gordon Butler
Sound Derek Frith
Wardrobe Jayne Taylor
Joan Heinekey
Hilary Whitelam
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Set Construction Cyril Hines
Derek Frith
Doreen Brady
John Rowlands
Norman Whitelam
Reg Sykes
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Derrick Jones
Wer extend our gratitude to artist
Geoff Bird
for his paintings that are on display