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Caught In The Net


Ray Cooney

Directed by: David Carlile

28th January - 1st February 2014

In this sequel to ‘Run for Your Wife’, Gavin Smith, son of John and Barbara Smith, befriends Vicki Smith, daughter of John and Mary Smith, online. They discover that their fathers have the same name and occupation. They decide that they have to meet, and their father, John, attempts to thwart the meeting with the aid of his pal, the not-so-bright Stanley Gardner. With Stanley’s even-less-helpful father in the mix, the result is confusion, lying, and all sorts of craziness...


Gavin Mike Cooke
Vicky Alex Edge
Mary Nichole Welch
Barbara Christine Blease
John Charlie Cook
Stanley Paul Lewis
Stanley's Father John Still
Stage Manager Emma Toms
Paul Hayes
Continuity Liz Cook
Props Joyce Sykes
Liz Bradbury
Set Construction Steve Hall
Nat Hall
Geoff Sylvester
Chris Hall
Lighting Chris Toms
Sound Martin Davey
Wardrobe Chris Hall
Caught In The Net
Poster Design by Nic Stacey