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Breezeblock Park


Willy Russell

16,18-23 Jun 2001
Director: Tom Thistleton

Christmas Eve and a close-knit Liverpool family gather for the festivities, but lurking beneath the glitzy gift wrap, tired tinsel and fairy lights lie concealed jealousies, petty squabbles and a secret.

Betty Barbara Ritchie
Syd John Still
Ted William Nolan
Tommy Chris Jorgenson
Reeny Cathy Drewry
Vera Chris Hall
John Chris Schilling
Tim Tim Jorgenson
Sandra Melanie Wright
Stage Manager Doreen Brady
Wardrobe Jayne Taylor
Properties Edwige Marsland
Gill Burton
Continuity Krys Rodder
Lighting Val Donlan
Sound Cyril Hines
Set Construction Doreen Brady
and the Workshop Team
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Derrick Jones