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Breaking The Code


Hugh Whitemore

1,2-8 Mar 2003
Director: Sue Mooney
The story of Alan Turing (1912 - 1954), the man who used electronics to crack the German Enigma codes at Bletchley Park during the Second World War and who laid the theoretical basis of digital computing and artificial intelligence.
Alan Turing Ryan Ellershaw
Mick Ross Bruce Keesing
Christopher Morcom Nathaniel Hall
Sara Turing Elizabeth Vernon
Ron Miller Chris Schilling
John Smith Duncan Walker
Dillwyn Knox Jim Rodsett
Pat Green Carmel Walker
Nikos Nathaniel Hall
Stage Manager Emma Cartledge
Wardrobe Joan Heineckey
Properties Valerie Swithenbank
Edwige Marsland
Continuity Barbara Ritchie
Lighting Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Sound Derek Frith
Set Construction Doreeen Brady
and The Workshop Team
Greek Language Advisor Richard Ellis
Production Assistant Dodie Jones
ProgrammeCover Sue Mooney