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Charlotte Hastings

Directed by: Edna D Peel

November 1962

A flood in the fen country has trapped two prison officials and their prisoner, Sarat Carn, who is on her way to the gallows for the murder of her brother. But Sister Mary Bonaventure is convinced of her innocence and just before the police launch arrives, a confession is forced from the real murderer.

Nurse Phillips Shirley Quick
Nurse Brent Margaret Brown
Sister Josephine Stella Winterbottom
Willy Pentridge Ray Thomas
Sister Mary Bonaventure Sheila Morris
Dr Jeffries Eric Foley
The Mother Superior Joyce Pomfret
Melling Peter Womby
Sarat Carn Susan Costello
Miss Pierce Lynn Grummitt
Martha Pentridge Pearl Nash
Stage Manager Brian Stuchbury
Assistant Stage Manager John Williamson
Wardrobe Mary Costello
Properties Mrs Warburton
Lighting and Sound John Hills
Malcolm Fereday
Tony Browne
Catering Lucy Butler
Publicity and House Gordon Lord