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Billy Liar


Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by: Nic Stacey

19th - 24th Sep 2011

Billy is a boy who tells lies. But more than that, he portrays scenes which could take place in any household in the country, and depicts the presence of the fantasy life whic exists in most people.

Florence Boothroyd Chris Hall
Alice Fisher Keeley Chesworth
Geoffrey Fisher Francis Lee
Billy Fisher Alex Hall
Arthur Crabtree James Butterfield
Barbara Abigail Hall
Rita Ciara Tansey
Liz Alex Edge
Co-Director Will Frederick
Stage Manager Emma Toms
Wardrobe Christine Hall
Joan Heinekey
Properties Bernadette Murray-Robb
Barbara Oldham
Lighting Nathaniel Hall
Sound Luke Moulsher
Staging Nathaniel Hall
Stevel Hall
Alan Mooney
Geoff Silvester
Nic Stacey