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Billy Liar


Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by: Sydney E Wilson

14-16 Feb 1963

Billy is a boy who tells lies. But more than that, he portrays scenes which could take place in any household in the country, and depicts the presence of the fantasy life whic exists in most people.

Florence Boothroyd Kathleen Gorin
Alice Fisher Mary Gregory
Geoffrey Fisher Len Yates
Billy Fisher Peter Slater
Arthur Crabtree Michael Fryman
Barbara Marion Cole
Rita Judy Parrack
Liz Emma Hare
Stage Manager Brian Stuckbury
Assistant Stage Manager John Williamson
Stage Assistants Arthur Warburton
Michael Crompton
Peter Rowles
Wardrobe Mary Costello
Properties Margaret Warburton
Susan Costello
Lighting and Sound Malcolm Fereday
Tony Browne
Gordon Morris
Catering Lucy Butler
House Manager George Nixon
Publicity Gordon Lord
Pearl Nash