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A Bedfull of Foreigners


Dave Freeman

Directed by: Mike Russell

19th,20th - 26th Apr 2003

Stanley and Brenda are on a motoring trip when they take a room in a French hotel close to the German border on the eve of a local festival. Less than an hour after checking in, double bookings and mistaken identities cause chaos, resulting in Stanley lowering an attractive girl (Helga), stark naked from the bedroom window whilst the room’s radiator is suspended from the ceiling by a rope. The arrival of Claude, (the attractive girl’s husband) together with his sexy girlfriend Simone adds to the madness and mayhem. By the second hour almost everyone is in the wrong bed with the wrong partner, while nuns and monks rush in and out. Seduction and confrontation are rampant in this hilarious farce

Karak John Still
Heinz Will Whitehead
Stanley Gary Woodhall
Brenda Chris Hall
Helga Emma Cartledge
Claude Jake Flamberg
Simone Katy Lynn
Stage Manager Rowland Matthews
Continuity Barbara Hopkinson
Set Construction Jake Flamberg and
The workshop team
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Props Kathy Russell
Elizabeth Vernon
Wardrobe Jayne Taylor
Production Assistants Dodie Jones
Barbara Ritchie
Programme Cover Design Derek Frith