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Barefoot In The Park


Neil Simon

Directed by: John Garner

10th -13th March 1976
Corrie and Paul are newly-weds who have just moved into their cold eyrie apartment in New York. Corrie is starry-eyed, Paul less so after staggering up five flights. Their house seems to be populated by un'sual people, the most bohemian being Victor whom Corrie fin's entertaining. Corrie tries matchmaking between Victor and her lonely mother but after a disastrous dinner party she learns that walking barefoot in the park may not necessarily denote joie de vivre in February it is simply silly!
Corie Bratter Freda Hinson
Telephone Man Colin Walker
Delivery Man Ray Thomas
Paul Bratter David Burt
Mrs Banks Maisie Pring
Victor Velasco Roy Brocklehurst
Stage Manager Harry Outhwaite
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Properties David Green
Beryl Jolley
Don Williams
Continuity Pearl Nash
Lighting Red Bolt
Laurie Kirwin
Don Williams
Sound Derek Nash
Set Designer David Gregson
Set Construction Stan Brown
Cyril Hines
Cec Wildman
Arthur Dyer
Ted Sims
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Manager Anne Hines