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Babes In The Wood

Wilfred Millar

Directed by: Joyce Pomfret

8th, 10th - 15th Dec 1979

When a group of villagers try to find fame, things do not go according to plan.
Jealousy and foul plays abound.
Fortunately Robin is around to save the day - with a little help from a fairy!

Thistledown L Goddard
Wortweed D Prince
Robin Hood G Etchells
Maid Marion S Williams
Sir Squeezem Drygh T Hind
Carrie Cott J Crossland
Little John N Whitelam
Will Scarlett J Stott
Alan-a-Dale D Tivey
Friar Tuck A Dyer
Jack C Jones
Jill L Martin
Hard Boiled Harry D Burt
Soft Centred Cecil R Thomas
King Richard The Lionheart P Kirwin
Wuffles A Strachan
S A Moore, S Davies, D Hayward, G Noffet, S Russell, C Kersh, C Moores, L Hall
Ladies of the Chorus
M Cox, B Churchouse, S Mooney, P Wright, N Moores, B Jones, K McGee, E Pagan, K Forres, E Holden, W Barlow, S Fisher, H Burgess
Gentlemen of the Chorus
J Rowlands, N Tivey, S Lever, J Berrisford, N Pendergast, P Brooks
Stage Manager Cyril Hines
Musical Director Reg Sykes
Assistant Musical Director Glenys Lloyd
Choreography Rosa Kehoe
Percussion Rod Holt
Make-Up Edna Garner
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Sarah Mowhinney
and Ladies of the Society
Lighting Mark Lennard
Catherine Smart
Sound Margaret Whitelam
Props Babs Jay
Set Construction Stan Brown
Derek Frith
Gordon Hayward
Mike Corware
Continuity Liz Crossland