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Babes In The Wood

Directed by: Cliff Brown

6-9 Dec 1967

When a group of villagers try to find fame, things do not go according to plan.
Jealousy and foul plays abound.
Fortunately Robin is around to save the day - with a little help from a fairy!

The Town Cryer
One of the Sheriff's Men
Peter Hampton
Miss Muffitt (Rosebud)
The Belle of the Village
Lynne Grimmitt
Friar Tuck
A friend of Robin Hood
Rodney Holt
Baron Skinflint
The Quire of the Manor
John Mills
Mother Spride
The Village School Teacher
Joe Crossland
The Baron's Nephew
Janet Hines
The Baron's Neice
Jane Chadwick
Simple Sion
The Village Idiot
Dick Shepherd
Robin Hood
An Outlaw
Barbara Jay
Maid Marion
Robin Hood's girlfriend
Marjorie Cox
Fairy Nuff
A Good Fairy
Freda Hinson
Dan Druff
A Bold Bad Robber
Gordon Butler
Handy Handy
Dan Duruff's Partner in Crime
Cliff Brown
Cora Nation
Street Gossip
Amanda Chadwick
Mini Skirt
Cora's friend
Audrey Slater
Villagers and Robin Hood's Men
Susan Gregory, Carol Grimshaw, Vivienne Hines, Janice Jones, Sylvia Meade, Keith Page, Peter Hampton, Norman Whitelam
The Children
Alma Gregory, Chris Jay, Steve Jay, Helen Penney, Hilary Pomfret, Michael Pomfret, Martin Slater, Michael Slater
The Dancers
Amanda Chadwick, Steve Hamilton, Jean Hill, Joyce Pomfret, Jill Rhodon, Pat Thomas
Solo Danseuse: Isobel White
Stage Manager Harry Outhwaite
Stage Staff David Griffiths
Cecil Wildman
Cyril Hines
Choreographer Isobel White
Musical Director Reg Sykes
Percussion Malcolm Gregory
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Lighting Ed Cheadle
John Williamson
Scenic Artists Pam Robinson
Paul Butler
Make-Up Edna Garner
House Managers Ray Thomas
John Winterbottom
Ticket Secretary Anne Hines