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At the Sign of The Crippled Harlequin


Norman Robbins

Directed by: Tom Thistleton

22, 24-29 Nov 2008

A case of mistaken identity leads to tragedy in this engaging thriller. In a snowbound guest house in the Peak District, Marjory Pike is wrongly identified by another guest as the author of a book declaiming certain mediums, one of whom had committed suicide as a result...

Marjory Pike Christine Hall
Sally Lockwood Lindsey Barker
Pamela Seton Mary Ellis
Bryan Lockwood Paul Lewis
Joan Reece Carol Simpson
Doreen Tyndale Val Watkinson
Lionel Reece Charlie Cook
Isobel Clarke Nicola Fone
Stage Manager Vicky Jackson
Properties Hilda Knight
Joyce Sykes
Continuity Liz Cook
Wardrobe Christine Hall
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Set Construction Peter Andrews
Steve Hall
Vicky Jackson
Alan Mooney
Sue Mooney
Geoff Sylvester
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Programme Design Derek Frith
Production Assistant Dodie Jones