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Around The World In 80 Songs

20th April - 1st May, 1965


Ladies of the Chorus
Hilary Ashton, Margaret Browne, Beryl Churchhouse, Joy Cliffe, Margaret Gadd, Barbara Jay, Wyn Jones, Irene Pearson, Bridget Phillips, Joyce Pomfret, Joan Rawsthorn, Audrey Slater, Nora Summerside, Pat Thomas, Doreen Willington, Peggy Wright
Gentlemen of the Chorus
Neil Bradford, Joh n Blakeway, Cliff Borwn, Tony Browne, Mike Cornall, Bby McDowell, John Mills, Ron Proctor, Norman Whitelam
Vickey Bowen, Lucy Butler, Eileen Cornall, Jaon Evans, Lyn Grunnitt, Meg Stenson
Travel AgentPeter Slater
Priscilla ArkwrightStella Winterbottom
Albert ArkwrightPeter Womby
Script Writers Tony Browne, Joe Crossland, John Mills and Pat Nash
Hon AccompanistArthur Dyer
PianistPat Nash
PercussionJohn Goodfellow
Stage ManagerCyril Hines
Assistant Stage ManagerDavid Griffiths
Workshop ManagerJohn Williamson
LightingGordon Butler
Ed Cheadle
Stage AssistantsCyril Wildman
Arthur Warburton
SoundRay Thomas
Property MistressMary Costello
Wardobe MistressesPeggy Butler
Ann Hines
Publicty ManagerRonald Stenson
House ManagersAdam Hare
Ronald Stenson
Ticket SecretaryAnn Hines
Costumes made by the cast under the supervision of Joan Rawsthorn
Dancers costumes under the supervision of Joan Evans
Refreshments by the Ladies of the Society
The Producer wishes to acknowledge with grateful thanks the help given by members of the Society whose names do not appear in ths programme