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And Then There Were None


Agatha Christie

Directed by: Geoff Bird

6,8-13 Nov 2004

Ten strangers stranded on a deserted island find that one of their number is a murderer...

Rogers Fred Yeomans
Narracott Gordon Butler
Mrs Rogers Margaret Williams
Vera Claythorne Emma Baker
Philip Lombard Ian Tyler
Anthony Marston Nathaniel Hall
William Blore Howard Bramwell
General MacKenzie Peter de la Wyche
Emily Brent Elizabeth Vernon
Sir Lawrence Wargarve Peter Nawn
Dr Armstrong Charlie Cook
Voive Les Hinson
Stage Manager Barbara Ritchie
Wardrobe Christine Hall
Properties Valerie Swithenbank
Lorraine Cox
Continuity Liz Cook
Lighting Rowland Matthews
Sound Derek Frith
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Staging Trevort Tyler
Doreeen Brady
Val Donlan
Gillian Matthews
Roger Brady
Derek Frith
Cyril Hines
Rowland Matthews
Programme Cover Design Derek Frith
Production Assistance The Cast and Crew