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And A Nightingale Sang


C P Taylor

Directed by: Mary Scott

3rd - 7th October 1989

This play follows the course of World War II as experienced by a working-class family in Newcastle, each scene being opened by a member of the family addressing the audience or singing a song of the period.

Helen Sue Mooney
Joyce Jaki Singleton
George Bill Greaves
Peggy (Mam) Joyce Melkin
Andie Michael Hamilton
Eric Geoff Reyner
Norman Peter Hime
Stage Manager John Rowlands
Continuity Mary Gregory
Set Construction Philip Levene
Cyril Hines
Mary Burns
John Rowlands
Barbara Hayward
Gordon Butler
Lighting Gordon Butler
Sound Cyril Hines
Philip Levene
Properties Marjorie Cox
Beryl Churchouse
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Chris Hall
Hair Glenda Robinson
Programme Design Derek Frith
Production Assistant Derek Frith