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Marcelle Maurette

16th - 19th March 1977
Director: Geoffrey Kellett
Discovered as an amnesiac in a Berlin asylum by former Cossack 'prince' turned-taxi-driver Bounine, Anya is swept into a scheme to exploit the 'heritage' of 10 million pounds being held in trust for any surviving heirs of the Romanoff dynasty. As the conspiracy prospers, Anya is coached to success but for one last test: the Imperial Grand Empress is alive and her acceptance is essential. In a famous 'recognition scene' of breathless suspense, Anya meets her grandmother and must convince the dowager that she is the long-lost Royal Princess Anastasia.
Boris ChernovBob Pearson
Piotr PetrovskyLaurie Kirwin
Counsellor DrivinitzNorman Whitelam
Irina, The HousekeeperBarbara Hampson
Prince BounineJoe Crossland
Sergei, ManservantJohn Hampson
Anna BrounPat Thomas
A CharwomanMabel Fiddes
A Sleigh DriverEric Peel
Dr Michail SyrenskyDon Williams
The Dowager Empress Of RussiaMolly K Locke
Baroness LivenbaumMarjorie Mayhew
Prince PaulDuncan Walker
Stage Manager John Rowlands
Wardrobe Beryl Jolley
Make Up Nicole Worrall
Properties Liz Crossland
Mavis Rowland
Marjorie Cox
Continuity Mary Gregory
Lighting Rod Holt
Sound David Weir
Set Construction Stan Brown
and Workshop Team
Production Assistant Norma Moores