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John Morley

Directed by: Barbara Ritchie

6th - 9th Dec 1995

Ever-favourite pantomime - an evil magician, a princess, a pauper, a lamp and a flying carpet...

A Chines Laundry boy
Vicky-Jane Worsley
Widow Twankey
His mother, a Chinese washerwoman
Nick Field
Wishee Washee
Aladdin's brother
James O'Neill
Wicked Egyptian magician
Jake Flamberg
Chopsuey The Twelfth
Emperor of China
Chris Schilling
Dragona The Thirteenth
His wife
Melanie Wright
Princess Say When
Their daughter
Jo Schilling
So Shi
Her handmaiden
Donna Craine
Chow Mein
The Grand Vizier
Jamie Blyth
Prince Pekoe
His son
Angie Hammond
Chinese Policewoman
Claire Proctor
Chinese Policewoman
Emma Johnson
Rick Shaw
A taxi driver
Jodie Kempster
Strong Pong
The Emperor's executioner
Simon Mills
Madam Flash Bang
The Royal Photographer
Sarah Williams
The Genie of the lamp
John Higgins
Spirit of the ring
Nikki Masters
The Egyptian Mummy Simon Mills
Courtiers, Citizens
Angie Hammond, Jodie Kempster, Simon Mills, Nikki Masters, Mike O'Neill, Hesam Ravansar, Sarah Williams
Musical Director Margaret Williams
Perucssion Mark Hilton
Choreography and Singing Jennifer Hilton
Stage Manager Geoff Bird
Assistant Stage Manager Harris Knopf
Simon Taylor
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Valerie Donlan
Joen Heinecky
Anne Hines
Hilary Whitelam
Properties Marjorie Cox
Beryl Churchhouse
Hilda Knight
Continuity Jean Lowthian
Lighting Gordon Butler
Hair Sue Mooney
Make Up Babs Frith
Sound Cyril Hines
Musical Advisor Peter Williams
Set Construction Members of the Staging Team
Scenic Artist Andrew Hoyle
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Produciton Assistant Derrick Jones
Photographs Rick Dell