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Absurd Person Singular


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by: Barbara Ritchie

14,16-21 Apr 2001

Set over three successive Christmas Eves, a lowly shopkeeper and his cowed, subservient wife gradually grow in power and confidence until by the end they have the middle-class characters who once patronised them literally dancing to their tune.

Its themes include alcoholism, suicidal depression and brutal business tactics that seem to anticipate the greed-is-good Eighties.

Marion Margaret Williams
Eva Krys Rodd
Jane Dianne Jenkins
Sidney Geoff Bird
Ronald John Still
Geoffrey Chris Jorgenson
Voices of Dick and Lottie Potter Derrick Jones
Sue Mooney
George appears as himself
Stage Manager Sue Mooney
Wardrobe Joan Heineckey
Properties Hilda Knight
Joyce Sykes
Continuity Carmel Waller
Lighting Ian Tyler
Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Set Construction Cyril Hines
and the Workshop Team
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Valerie Swithenbank